The Gaming Table (Basset Table)

Here are a couple of short videos put out by the Folger about The Gaming Table, which is well worth seeing.  They’re doing a nice job with this play, especially with the character of Valeria.  My students have so far found it more fun than they expected.  Minor complaint: Sir James, who you see in the first video on the right, really needs a better wig.



2 responses to “The Gaming Table (Basset Table)

  1. I’m reading The Basset Table for my master’s thesis, which is on science and literature in the 18th century. I wish I’d gotten to see it on stage — very curious about what they did with Valeria. I think she’s a great female character and makes a pretty strong case for natural philosophy (a rare stance for a Restoration comedy).

  2. Laura Rosenthal

    The portrayal of Valeria was really wonderful. She was no-nonsense and nerdy, but in a charming way.