Collaborative Readings

Current Reading:

It by Joseph Roach

Posts by Rosenthal, Engel, Chico, Battigelli, Hintz, Mazella, Codr.

Past Readings:
The Triumph of Augustan Poetics: English Literary Culture from Butler to Johnson by Blanford Parker
Posts by Shanafelt, Williams, Mazella (1, 2), Hintz, Shanafelt, Mazella, Golightly, Seltzer, Levine, Hintz, Wilcox, Hoover.
Dec. 3-10, 2006

The Secret History of Domesticity: Public, Private, and the Division of Knowledge by Michael McKeon
Posts (in order) by Shanafelt, Chico, Mazella (1, 2, 3), Hintz, Rosenthal, McKeon (1, 2), Mazella, McKeon, Mazella (1, 2, 3), and McKeon.
Oct. 3-10, 2006


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