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18th connect and the sustainability of scholarly collaboration

An interesting discussion has broken out on Early Modern Online Bibliography (henceforth, EMOB) regarding Bob Markley’s and Laura Mandell’s 18thConnect project.  In their discussion Eleanor Shevlin made an interesting distinction: Also, it might be useful to distnguish between tools that … Continue reading


[image courtesy of Let’s be friends, an interspecies friendship blog with implausibly cute photos] This has been a productive summer, largely because I’ve been able to get a number of projects going with the help of collaborators.  Most of these … Continue reading

dh and the “discipline” of english studies; UPDATED

[image of Ermenonville, Le temple de la philosophie, courtesy of Parisette and Wikimedia commons] I spent a few days listening in on the Texas Digital Humanities Consortium conference at UH this weekend, and was impressed by a number of presentations. … Continue reading

bousquet and moral panic

A few people have forwarded me Marc Bousquet’s latest essay (article behind paywall) about the “moral panic” in literary studies, along with SEK’s follow-up, and I’ve seen surprisingly little push-back from the presumed subjects of the essay, English literature professors. … Continue reading

Proposal for a Race and Empire Caucus at ASECS

[I just saw this announcement on the Eighteenth-Century Questions group at Facebook, and thought it would be a good idea to cross-post at the Long 18th.  Take a look, and if you’re interested or have further questions, please reply to … Continue reading

welcome to the university of pret a manger

I think any academic who reads this TNR piece about “emotional labor” at the upscale English coffee/food chain, or the essay that inspired it in the London Review of Books, will recognize the similarity between the weird emotional demands of … Continue reading

asecs 2013 cfp: religious toleration

After the exchanges we had last spring about alternative formats for ASECS presentations, I was pleased to see this CFP by Laura Stevens and Patrick Mello for their proposed Religious Toleration panel at ASECS 2013: The panel topic is “Religious … Continue reading


This article should be available to any library that subscribes to SAGE journals online.  It stresses that collaboration is something that needs to be taught and practiced in formal courses, and divides up the instructor’s duties into the stages of … Continue reading

Why do students hate groupwork? Part 2

[X-posted on Assessment for Learning 101] One of the most-read posts on this blog is David Mazella’s classic, “Why do students hate groupwork?”  The original post prompted a lively discussion, including comments by students themselves telling us why, in fact, … Continue reading

blogging my swift and literary studies course, part II

This is a follow-up to earlier posts of mine about course blogs.  This one is about my evolving course blog for Swift and Literary Studies, my version of the gateway course to the English major (literature concentration). This course is … Continue reading