collaborative reading of simon gikandi’s slavery and the culture of taste, may 13th-19th at the long 18th

OK, I’m calling the Gikandi collaborative reading for next May 13th-19th.  Who’s in?

When I initially floated this proposal, a number of people responded on and off the blog.

Could I now get volunteers to commit to responding to a single chapter? You’ll see the Table of Contents below. I would like each chapter to be covered, but otherwise multiple respondents to a single chapter are fine.  I am also including a link to the Amazon listing.

If you are still interested in participating, either as a post-writer or respondent, please let me know as soon as you can.  Feel free to forward this to any colleagues or students you feel might be interested in participating. Just hit Reply, and let me know which of the chapters you’d like to tackle:

Ch. 1: Overture, 5/13: DELUCIA; MAZELLA
Ch. 2: Intersections, 5/14: CODR; BURNARD
Ch. 3: Unspeakable Events, 5/15: DYKE; WOOD
Ch. 4: Close Encounters, 5/16: MOWRY; COUCHMAN
Ch. 5: Popping Sorrow, 5/17: KUGLER
Ch. 6: The ontology of Play, 5/18: GOTTLIEB; HARDY
Coda, 5/19: MAZELLA

If you are too busy to do a formal post, but want to listen and respond to others, that would be fine, too.
Gikandi ToC

Thanks, DM

12 responses to “collaborative reading of simon gikandi’s slavery and the culture of taste, may 13th-19th at the long 18th

  1. Hi–I would love to be a reader and non-reporting participant (will be at the Huntington that week). Do I need to get you other information? Thanks! Kirsten

  2. Dave Mazella

    No, that’s fine, Kirsten. Tune in, and we hope to hear from you during the discussion. Best, DM

  3. Melissa Mowry

    Hi Dave, I’d be happy to be a respondent for Chapter 4.

  4. I can respond to ch. 5.


  5. I can respond to chapter 2, Trevor

  6. Dave Mazella

    Great to hear it, Trevor. Looking forward to it.

  7. I would be happy to join in on “Ch. 6: The ontology of Play” on Friday, 5/18.

  8. Dave Mazella

    Molly, that would be terrific. Looking forward to your contribution.

  9. I would love to hang around… I’ve published a review already, let me know if there would be an appropriate time or place to post or link it.

  10. Dave Mazella

    That would be great. Let me know if you have a link that we could use. We can figure out a way to use the link etc. to spur discussion.