asecs graduate student caucus: new blog in town!

Kelly Centrelli, who has popped up on this blog a few times lately, has just announced a new blog that will serve as a communications hub for the ASECS graduate student caucus.  Ms. Centrelli is the webmaster for this new initiative.  Here is part of her description about how she and the GSC envision the blog working:

My hopes are to invite postgraduate (PhD) candidates to write on the blog—about their research, writing process, teaching, etc. Posts would only need to be a few hundred words, but will hopefully pose a question that would invite discussion on the site. Please make your students aware of the site and the opportunity to write for it. Moreover, if you have any links you feel should be on the site (e.g. journals, conferences, research sites), please let me know off-list.

The site can be found here:

There’s interesting stuff there, especially in terms of research and writing advice, which I think will be very helpful for graduate students making their way through their seminar papers, comprehensives, and dissertations.  Superannuated folk like myself might also learn something from their posts, as well.  Please check it out, and consider contributing to their blog.


One response to “asecs graduate student caucus: new blog in town!

  1. Thanks Dave!

    When I took the role of webmaster for the GSC, my primary concern was ‘shepherding the flock’, so to speak. Our students are all over the globe (including myself, here in England!) and in varying stages of their degrees. Having a central hub they may access is crucial to community building and maintenance.

    Moreover, when I entered the field of C18, I found a plethora of material scattered all over the place. It was intimidating, as I knew I was missing important sources of information and didn’t know how to remedy that issue. This site–if we get all the links up, keep up to date with CFPs, etc.–will prove a welcoming place (not so different than here!) for incoming students.

    And, of course, we will try to post regularly on topics that concern students–so research, writing, publishing, and teaching will inevitably be things that come up (perhaps more frequently than research in the field itself).