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follow-up to my intro to doctoral studies bleg, pt. iii

Since Kelly and others were so generous with their comments, here’s a preview to the course-blog I’ll be running for my ENGL 7390 Intro to Doctoral class.  I’ve got 23 students registered, with people from Creative Writing and Literature, Literary Studies, and Rhet/Comp PhD programs or concentrations.

Weirdly enough, as it stands, there are practically no “literary” readings in this, but quite a bit of institutional history, and lots of opportunities for students  to pursue their specialties in their own research and writing.  If anything interesting drops out of discussion, I’ll report back.

Thanks for your suggestions and advice.  The blog will be closed down to outside traffic by Monday.


What Matters in Humanities Education

Since we like to talk about teaching here too, readers might be interested in my report on the Teagle Foundation‘s convening on “What Works and What Matters in Student Learning.” The conference specifically addressed the humanities. This link will take you to the web page for the event; scroll down a bit for reports by me and by Ashley Finley of AAC&U. I welcome comments and feedback on what you think matters.

asecs graduate student caucus: new blog in town!

Kelly Centrelli, who has popped up on this blog a few times lately, has just announced a new blog that will serve as a communications hub for the ASECS graduate student caucus.  Ms. Centrelli is the webmaster for this new initiative.  Here is part of her description about how she and the GSC envision the blog working:

My hopes are to invite postgraduate (PhD) candidates to write on the blog—about their research, writing process, teaching, etc. Posts would only need to be a few hundred words, but will hopefully pose a question that would invite discussion on the site. Please make your students aware of the site and the opportunity to write for it. Moreover, if you have any links you feel should be on the site (e.g. journals, conferences, research sites), please let me know off-list.

The site can be found here:

There’s interesting stuff there, especially in terms of research and writing advice, which I think will be very helpful for graduate students making their way through their seminar papers, comprehensives, and dissertations.  Superannuated folk like myself might also learn something from their posts, as well.  Please check it out, and consider contributing to their blog.


Folger conference on Early Modern Cities

I have been asked to pass along this reminder about an exciting conference at the Folger:

Registrations for the Folger Institute’s September conference, “Early Modern Cities in Comparative Perspective,” will be accepted through 14 September (assuming space remains.)

Support from The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation extends grants-in-aid to conference participants from U.S. institutions who are not affiliates of the Folger Institute consortium. The application deadline is 4 September 2012. Please visit the Institute’s website for application materials and guidelines.

The conference schedule and abstracts may be found here.

Questions? Please contact