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so what does it all mean? looking back at asecs 2012–open thread

[image from Yvonne Romney Dixon, Designs from Fancy, Folger exhibit guide to George Romney’s Shakespearean drawings]

I’m posting this picture of Lear to remind us all of Joe Roach’s fine Clifford Lecture of March 24th, which deployed a different Romney Lear sketch to fine effect.  Somehow, Roach moved from his usual discussion of Victorian kitsch Restoratiana to something very different: the theatrically-coded exchanges of an aristocratic father and daughters in the World’s Worst Eighteenth-Century Family.

So that was one of my high points for ASECS.  I’ve got others, but I’m curious about which panels readers found most useful for their own research and teaching.   What panels or papers were your highlights? Hit the comment button and let us know.  And I’d love to hear from any presenters if they have additional insights they’d like to share about their panel discussions.

There were also some interesting side-conference activities, in terms of THAT Camp and tweetering. I’m glad both these activities were there (though I couldn’t make THAT Camp), but I still think ASECS could be made much more available to online users, and archived better, than it currently is.  Any thoughts about how these activities added to the conference, or could be better integrated into the event?

My final comment would be a plea to the organizers of ASECS 2013 to think much more reflectively about the presentation formats for the day’s panels.  The roundtables help, but the default mode for the majority of presentations is back to back papers and very little Q&A.   I think we could be doing a lot more to vary the presentations, to make them more interactive, and to allow better feedback between presenters and audiences than the current set up.

Otherwise, it can easily become this:



Graduate Student Caucus Panel: “After Exoticism”

We are pleased to announce the participants in the ASECS 2012 Graduate Student Panel entitled “After Exoticism” at 4:15 on Thursday, so mark your program!  In this panel, professors will respond briefly to pre-circulated papers written by graduate students, after which we will open things up to general discussion of the topic.  YOU DON’T NEED TO READ THE PAPERS TO ENJOY THE PANEL but they are linked below.  Printed abstracts are also linked and copies will be available the panel.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Nick Miller (Graduate Caucus Chair) and Laura Rosenthal (Panel Chair)

 “After Exoticism”

Chair: Laura J. Rosenthal, University of Maryland

  1. Matt Gertken, University of Texas-Austin, “Swift’s Unholy Alliances and the Global Balance of Power”   (Abstract)

Respondent: Christopher Fox, Notre Dame University

       2. Nina Budabin McQuown, “Exotic Food as Substantial Fare in the Eighteenth-Century Novel”  (Abstract)

Respondent: Elizabeth Kowaleski Wallace, Boston University

      3.  W. Kang Tchou, “In the Wake of Exoticism: Robert Morrison and the Taiping Rebellion in China”

Respondent: Robert Markley, University of Illinois

        4.  Bethany Williamson, Southern Methodist University, “Courts, Cabals, and Coffeehouses: Female Space and Feminist Orientalism in Delarivier Manley’s New Atalantis and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s Turkish Embassy Letters”   (Abstract)

Respondent: Laura Mandell, Texas A&M University

       5.  Jennifer Ryer, University of Connecticut, “The Anxieties of Empire: Anti-Imperial Sentiments In English Restoration Theater”  (Abstract)

Respondent: Misty Anderson, University of Tennessee