Gaming Table at the Folger

Here is story in today’s Washington Post on the Folger production of Centlivre’s play (The Basset Table), in which I am quoted praising her feminism.  There are also links to the production in progress.

2 responses to “Gaming Table at the Folger

  1. Thanks for sharing this new piece, Laura. Holdridge the director sounds like an interesting person to be heading this up. The play’s focus on female gambling seems to echo other critiques of genteel women’s pastimes, especially when they seemed to venture too far into masculine territory (e.g., Georgiana, 5th Duchess of Devonshire).

    On another note, how did you find the updating by Grimm of the script? Did it work for you?

  2. Laura Rosenthal

    Yes, I talked a little about the Duchess also in the interview. Interesting that Amanda Foreman writes a lot about the Duchess’s gambling, but it hardly comes up at all in the movie based on Foreman’s wonderful bio.
    I will let you know how the updating comes across–the play hasn’t actually opened yet.