The London Merchant

The Storm Theatre and  The Blackfriars Repertory Theatre in New York are now producing George Lillo’s The London Merchant!  The play received a favorable review in The New York Times.  I have never seen this play produced or even heard of a modern production, but students consistently like it. The production seems like it would be well worth seeing.

2 responses to “The London Merchant

  1. I remember from when I was researching Lillo ages ago that there had only been one 20th century production that anyone knew about, a college production staged experimentally, I think, in the ’60s. I’m a little frustrated that these productions are happening when I can’t get to them. I’m especially interested in how they will deal with the Barnwell/Millwood pairing, because in my view Millwood’s character would probably eat up all the attention onstage. She’s a powerful character, while Barnwell might well seem so weak and passive as to appear like a nonentity. But staging and performance can certainly alter our views of the characters, whatever their spoken words might be.

  2. Laura Rosenthal

    This just in: run extended to Feb 4th because it SOLD OUT!