ben pauley does it again

For those of you interested in getting better 18c resources up on the web for scholarly and student use, Ben Pauley (of C18 Booktracker) has just devised a very useful wiki to collect and discuss the standard editions for our authors. Here’s the link, which I’m also putting on the Long 18th blogroll.

Ben’s wiki emerged from a C18L discussion where the question was raised about where such information could be found, and the answer was, well, no one has done it yet. So here’s a screenshot of Ben’s sample edition of Fielding’s Wesleyan edition:

This is the kind of low-tech, high-value project that could yield a lot of benefit to scholars who used it, and encouraged their students to use it too.  Please consider visiting Ben’s wiki, signing up to become a member (for editing privileges), and using it for your own teaching or research.



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