teaching carnival 4.5 now up at ProfHacker

As always, a bunch of interesting stuff available at the ProfHacker Teaching Carnival 4.5, this one compiled by Sara Webb Sunderhaus. It’s also nice that it featured my earlier pieces about course-blogs.

For my own purposes, though, I did enjoy Dean Dad’s discussion of reading semester’s end evaluations, with its sensible advice to administrators to look for “outliers,” faculty whose behavior inspired clustered comments from students; it was disappointing, though, to the extent that it lacked any guidance for faculty who wanted to improve their own teaching by reading their own evaluations.

I also appreciated the thoughtful discussion from In Socrates’ Wake on whether teaching should be considered a “calling”? It seems important to distinguish the challenges and satisfactions of the classroom from those of the pulpit, but sometimes students, teachers, or administrators can encourage this kind of confusion.

In any case, check it out, and let us know if you found anything there of use for your own teaching.  And thanks to George Williams and the ProfHacker crew for keeping the Teaching Carnival going.



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