a mid-spring blogging round-up

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  It’s not that I’ve become a convert to “slow blogging,” it’s that I’ve discovered my calling as a conference-planner.  Yeesh.

In the meantime, though, I thought I’d post on a few things that have come to my notice that are too good to keep to myself.

  • EMOB and Mercurius Politicus have both noted the arrival of EEBO Interactions, a site that combines some of the best qualities of scholarly blogging and social networking.  This is an important step forward, because what it promises is a way to match the digital and technological resources represented by EEBO (and ECCO, too) with the human resources of an entire scholarly community.  This could begin a collective process of refining resources like EEBO so that they become much more than a vendor’s product.  (I think this is exactly the direction ECCO needs to go, as well)  But it won’t work unless scholars begin to take notice and contribute.  So please take a look.
  • There’s a fabulous new blog called La pensee des lumieres: Enlightenment Thinking, which calls itself “a portal to the French Enlightenment.”  There you’ll find some great primary and secondary sources on all the usual suspects.
  • George Williams’ EighteenthCentury.org is up and running, with some informative digital humanities and ASECS posts.
  • A very entertaining history blog called Georgian London, which is profusely illustrated.

Hope everyone is moving toward the end of their semester in a satisfying way.



6 responses to “a mid-spring blogging round-up

  1. Eleanor Shevlin


    Thanks for these updates. Awash in final-weeks-of-the-semester business (and conference planning, aswell–I share your pain), but I’ve taken a look at what’s going on at this sites. I was sorry to miss the second Digital 2.0 panel at ASECS (a SHARP panel conflicted).

    I agree that ECCO and Burney need to pursue similar spaces/projects like EEBO Interactions. Moreover, the success and/or value of EEBO Interactions and the like will depend on the participation of the scholarly community.

  2. Dave Mazella

    Sadly, I missed all the digihum panels, but I suspect we’ll be hearing about them in other venues.

    I think what all the digital database vendors need to realize is that if they can get their users to attach themselves to these fora, and begin refining and extending what they find there, it will make these databases not just more usable, but far more valuable. There needs to be quality control, but I think so much of this stuff bears so few traces of previous reading that even fairly minimal information could make large patches of this much more accessible. And they will probably have more readers under these circumstances than they had when originally published.

  3. Laura Rosenthal

    Hi Dave,
    The conference looks great. I’m sure it’s been a huge project to organize, so good luck!

  4. Dave Mazella

    Hey Laura,

    Much appreciate the thought. I’m hoping life will return to normal after the 15th.

  5. A Cynic’s soliloquy

    If you can take for the time that you cannot take any more,
    And fool the fool with gusto, and lie for the joy of lying
    But not just for the sake of lying;
    And when it comes right down to “the truth”,
    To never be too honest with the truth;

    If you can destroy another man’s treasured beliefs,
    Simply through the subtle use of dissention and dissimulation;
    And deceive those who need deceiving
    Solely with the use of the truth, with guile and articulation;

    If you can rip the very heart and soul out of an opponent
    Using just the verbal;
    But be magnanimous with friends, but not for nothing
    Except for your own gain,
    And use those closest to you for what they’re worth,
    But no more or no less;

    If you can come to the natives with “words of iron”,
    And a bit of slight of hand for your rivals,
    And with swift ploys full of guile;
    And fight the good fight
    With steely-eyed determination,
    And a bit of pragmatic how’s your father on the quiet;

    If you can grab your rivals by the balls on a matter of “true principle”,
    And then go for the sheep-sheers in an ecstatic of moment of pure whimsy;
    And then still find it all, after all, “tasty, very tasty,” while you’re at it;
    Then yours is the Earth and everything “juicy” in it,
    And – what’s more – you’ll be a man, you little bastard!

    • Dave Mazella

      Thanks, Rick, for the dive-bombing. Not sure if this is directed at me or the subject of my book.

      For those of you not familiar with Rick Bayan, or “Antipasties,” here’s a link. Enjoy.