so who’s going to mla?

This is just to let Long 18th readers know that Laura Rosenthal and Laura Mandell will be hosting a session on assessment that I’ll be participating in.  Here’s the information:

215. Learning from Assessment
12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., Liberty Ballroom Salon A, Philadelphia Marriott
Program arranged by the MLA Office of Research
Presiding: Donna Heiland, Teagle Foundation
Speakers: Laura C. Mandell, Miami Univ., Oxford; David Samuel Mazella, Univ. of Houston; John Ottenhoff, Associated Colls. of the Midwest; Laura Rosenthal, Univ. of Maryland, College Park

Otherwise, I’d like to hear if any other readers doing 18th century or early modern stuff would like to announce their panels here.  If anyone attending wants to get together for drinks during the convention, contact me here or offline at

Happy holidays,


7 responses to “so who’s going to mla?

  1. Sorry I’ll be missing you all. I had a great time catching up with Laura R. at CSECS in Ottawa a couple months ago. Sounds like a good session—looking forward to hearing all about it.


  2. Have a good holiday, Gena. Maybe we’ll post something about it when MLA’s done. Best, DM

  3. Sorry, I’ll be drinking alone, and with tears…

  4. Hi Dave–sending you mail now with my cell number in it. Looking forward to it!

  5. This looks great! I will try to make it but can’t be sure since most of my time at MLA will be spent in interviews. I was very happy to see that we are on the same panel at ASECS this year! If I don’t meet you in person this coming week, I look forward to doing so then! Happy holidays and happy traveling.

  6. @Ray, sorry to hear this. Hope you’ve got something warm for the long winter nights.

    @Chris, got your message. Let’s see if we can find a time between Mon-Tue.

    @Ade1a, good hearing from you, and best of luck with the interviews.



  7. Eleanor Shevlin

    I am not attending MLA this year, but I wanted to encourage Dave to report back on his panel. And I would also be interested in hearing about others.