we’re going to edinburgh!

I’m traveling with my family tomorrow to Edinburgh, to spend the next week or so there.  I’ll be working at the NLS on Henry Mackenzie and Robert Fergusson.  (Incidentally, if anyone has hints about traveling in Edinburgh with kids (7/14), let me know; B will be grateful, too).  I believe I’ll have access to high-speed internet there, so if I get a chance, I’ll post on whatever’s going on there.


3 responses to “we’re going to edinburgh!

  1. Penguin Parade & Talk at the Edinburgh Zoo at 2:15 daily. Nothing cuter than a bunch of penguins coming out and walking around.

    Take your daughter to TopShop – the hippest clothing store in Britain with clothes by Kate Moss.

  2. Whoops, that was me on another account.

  3. Dave Mazella

    B and H went to TopShop today, but too late to find it open. They’ll continue their shopping odyssey tomorrow, with or without J.