jenny davidson’s breeding, @The Valve, beginning 5/26

For those interested, I’ll be doing some guest-blogging at The Valve early next week this week, when Scott Kaufman leads a book event featuring Jenny Davidson’s Breeding beginning tomorrow (5/26).   See you there, and here, too, hopefully.  Best, DM

UPDATE: Here’s the official announcement, with the first two chapters online.  Discussion will begin tomorrow.

4 responses to “jenny davidson’s breeding, @The Valve, beginning 5/26

  1. They sure haven’t advertised this book event well, have they? I’ll be looking forward to your comments. (I reviewed it and am interested in seeing what others think.)

  2. Dave Mazella

    Thanks, Chris. And where will your review be appearing? DM

  3. It’s a shortie for Choice. I’ll keep my eye out for the book event and leave comments (if I have any) for your post–I’d have been interested in contributing, had I known, but my sense of things at the Valve is that it’s invite-only.

  4. Dave Mazella

    Valve events, like ours, involve initial postings that are invited from specific people , but subsequent comments are welcome from everyone. It is a moderated list, but comments tend to appear quickly.

    We haven’t done a book event around here for awhile. Feel free to suggest a title, if you’d like to participate in one here.

    Let us know when it comes out, and maybe I can put up a link.