This was the Foucault quote I always wanted to use in my Cynicism book, but couldn’t find at the time.  Insert this between pages 212-13, and discuss:

I do not think that there is anything that is functionally–by its very nature–absolutely liberating.  Liberty is a practice.  So there may, in fact, always be a number of projects whose aim is to modify some constraints, to loosen, or even to break them, but none of these projects can, simply by its nature, assure that people will have liberty automatically, that it will be established by the project itself.  The liberty of men is never assured by the institutions and laws that are intended to guarantee them.  This is why almost all of these laws and institutions are quite capable of being turned around.  Not because they are ambiguous, but simply because “liberty” is what must be exercised.”–(from the interview “Space, Knowledge, and Power,” in the Foucault Reader, ed. Rabinow, 245).



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