ASECS 2009: March 26

Should contributors attending this year’s meeting of ASECS have tech enough and time, please use the comments thread of this post to record your experience of the conference today.

Text? Photos? Audio? Video? Share them, please.

[See “The Art of Live Blogging,” by Beth Kanter at BlogHer (26 July, 2006).]



One response to “ASECS 2009: March 26

  1. OK, pretty exciting so far. The cab ride from the airport was twice what the hotel estimated. Woke up at 3am, so probably taking a nap first, but will definitely make George’s talk at 4:15 on the slavery and Protestantism panel. Very glad my hotel room was ready at 10am. Grateful for free internet (glaring at you, MLA hotel). Still not sure how to introduce project on Hume and narrative rhetoric, from which thousands of textual examples had to be cut for all the theoretical stuff. Sketching the dissertation context is self-indulgent, right? Or expected? Glad to see that my dissertation director (David Richter) and Stern College chair (Nora Nachumi) are here, looking forward to seeing all of you cats prowling around.