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i will be finished when i am dead . . .

This may sound grim, but let me explain.  I found a link to this Notional Slurry post on the back end of the blog, where I sometimes  see how others arrive at this site.  I found its comparison between the perspectives of specialists and generalists compelling, since today’s the day when, ugh, I hand in another year-end review of my activities .  There’s a certain New Agey quality to this post, as with most of the stuff that comes out of the programmer/geeky side of the web, but I think its point about the gap between the “intellectual life” and one’s job description still holds true.  I also like this point about the way that “delay” is a product of others’ expectations about performance:

In what way am I delayed by paying attention to more, different, inarguably interesting stuff? Gratifying stuff?


Am I delayed? Don’t be stupid. I’m busy. The only person experiencing “delay” was, if she existed, the customer wanting the thing I was doing at the workbench originally.

By this argument, the only real “delays” are experienced by the people who call them by that name. A delay is something that comes with an obligation to perform.

I find myself on both sides of this divide, because I appreciate the focus and high-level conversation of the specialist, but there are times when I feel that such concerns are not what I am interested in, but only what I am supposed to be interested in.  Sometimes distraction really is distraction, but I like NS’s idea of trying harder to find the common thread that strings together one’s “distractions,” to see where your real interests lie, and to pursue those interests more directly, with all the concentration one can manage.  If the book-form is not completely obsolete, it must represent a sustained record of thought reflecting (upon) one’s real interests, one’s real concerns, one’s real insights, offered in a way that will make them useful to others.  Life is too short otherwise.


virtual burns memorial

[note: Sharon Alkers asked me to post this on her behalf]

Contest to Create Virtual Burns Memorial

The Centre for Scottish Studies at Simon Fraser University is holding a contest to create a virtual memorial to Robert Burns that is suitable for a twenty-first century mobile and globalized world. Statues, busts and portraits played an important part in interpreting Burns in nineteenth-century culture. We are looking for an image more suitable for our contemporary time and media in order to convey the fact that Burns’s messages regarding universal brotherhood (and, by extension, sisterhood), respect for nature, and the uplifting power of the human spirit have never been more relevant. The deadline for entry is April 1, 2009. The winning design will be awarded $300 (Canadian) and will appear in Second Life on SFU’s island. (Second Life is a virtual environment increasingly popular with students and educators interested in collaborative virtual learning). The unveiling will be at the Transatlantic Burns Conference, April 7-9 at SFU. For more details or to submit an entry (preferably in digital format), contact: Leith Davis at leith@sfu.ca

For more information, visit the Scottish Studies at SFU website here.