adela on the new forms of socializing

Apropos of our latest Facebook discussion, Adela at twofold talks about the new technologies of socializing that are out there nowadays, and why Facebook still bothers her.

Some of this sounds interesting to me, but still, my reaction is ehhh.  I spend so much time in real meetings that virtual encounters of any sort lose their appeal.  I don’t really need any more interactions.  But I think that these technologies become more appealing once people you know from other contexts are available online.



2 responses to “adela on the new forms of socializing

  1. It is certainly not a coincidence that I am trying out these programs now that I am on fellowship. Even though I use at least one or two regularly when I’m teaching, I not only have less time but, by the end of a long day with student meetings, teaching, and departmental meetings, I am ready for a different kind of human contact or for none! It is also true that many of these venues become more interesting when people you know and like are also participating.

  2. Hi Adela,

    I wanted to try some of the stuff you describe in your post, but I am so busy I don’t have the time to learn anything new. But it’s true that any period of enforced solitude will get me to try new things, if only to break up my time.