passing through . . .

Well, whatever I discussed in the G*rd*n R*ms*y/p**n post was intriguing enough to attract a few hundred lurkers, who passed through here  like a school of fish in a coral reef.  Apparently this blog was in stumbleupon, and then somehow got shared on someone’s facebook page.  What can I say?  Thanks for passing through . . .


3 responses to “passing through . . .

  1. You can blame me for the Facebook, Dave. Your post tied in with some recent conversations about student expectations!

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Shayda. Is there a big teaching community on Facebook?

  3. Yes, I believe so. There certainly are plenty of graduate teaching assistants and lecturers with Facebook accounts, and our contacts tend to be quasi-professional (“Status update: Shayda is grading papers today”) as well as social.