In a couple of days I’m driving down to Corpus Christi for SCSECS 2009, one of the liveliest annual meetings in our field.  I know DM will be there; anyone else?

6 responses to “SCSECS 2009

  1. Driving down to Corpus Wednesday evening. Will be staying at the Omni. DM

  2. Hey David,
    Looking forward to seeing you…tomorrow? I’ll be arriving around 10.


  3. Depends on how soon I get out of town, but no matter what, I’ll see you Thursday before the panel. Looking forward to it, too. DM

  4. Hey David (and others),
    Great to see you all SCSECS. What a great conference. Cheers!


  5. “at” SCSECS, that is.

  6. Dwight (+Gena, D, Matthew, and the whole Korpus Kristi Krewe),

    Thanks for making this such a great conference. Had a great time. Hope everyone got home safe and sound.

    Take care,