early modern/18th century blogging round-up

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Here are some links I came upon this week:

  • Creepy or Cute.  This really needs to be a book cover.  An Austen Heroine in Miniature (via Travels in Time)
  • Books do furnish a room: Mercurius Politicus discusses the seventeenth-century bookshelves of Montaigne, Cotton, and Pepys. MP argues that “bookshelves were and are one of the most important methods for storing and accessing information,” though I think the floor works just as well.
  • Write or Die: the subtle knot discovers another way to feel that you’re not writing enough.  I think you could train a dog to do this, though.  Have a dog sit at your feet and bite your toe whenever you start blogging.
  • Via Lauren at Marie-Antoinette’s Gossip Guide, Vic at Jane Austen’s World provides a comprehensive history of the sedan chair: “One feature that made the chair so popular in Bath – a city in which invalids were transported for healing sessions to the hot mineral baths – is that the vehicle was narrow enough to be carried up the stairs and taken into the bedchamber. Once an invalid entered the chair, he or she would stay inside, unexposed to outside air.”
  • Scarlettfish at Letters for Literary Ladies has been reading a bunch of 18th century novels by (surprise!) “Literary Ladies.”  Her latest is Frances Brooke’s Excursion, which seems to have a little bit of Fielding-style narration thrown into an Evelina-style plot.


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    I ESPECIALLY do not appreciate your theft.

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