fired up, ready to go

to the polls this morning.  I’ll be back with more regular postings shortly.  In the meantime, why don’t you watch this video of Barack Obama in one of my old haunts, Manassas, Virginia?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Obama drawing a crowd of 90,000 in a place whose main claim to fame when I was growing up was Civil War battlegrounds.  Never could have imagined this while I was there.

Happy election day.



Postscript: Wow, that didn’t take long.  My neighbor, who is an Obama volunteer, told me last night that 44% of our precinct had already voted early, and it showed at 9am.  Hopefully more will turn up, though Texas seems to be having fewer voting problems than other states.  Nonetheless, here’s a nice Seth Godin post on this election’s lessons for marketers.  And finally, the all-important Luke Skywalker endorsement for Obama.

Post-Postscript: Oh, OK.  I’ll throw in the Sly and the Family Stone song that was going through my head the whole of election day . . . .


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