Ike and Sadie

This pic was actually taken a few hours before the hurricane rolled in, but you get the idea.   Sadie, the latest addition to our household, did a great job throughout the hurricane and during our travels around the state and in and out of people’s houses last week.  Sadie is a lab mix we rescued a week before the storm, and has been a very gracious and well-behaved puppy.  She actually seemed to enjoy the attention she got by being confined with us for a week.

As I may have mentioned in earlier comments, we had 100 mph winds shaking the whole house early Saturday morning, and were lucky not to get a tree branch through a window.   Sadie ended up spending much of the night in the bedroom with us.  The damages in Houston seemed to be almost entirely wind-related, since the rainfall was pretty light and we more or or less missed the storm surge that whacked Galveston and the rest of the coast last week.

And here is one observation: there is nothing like a hurricane to get people into the street to greet your dog.

Our neighborhood, unlike many others in town, finally had its power turned back on a few days ago, but the area around the university campus is still iffy in terms of restored services.  Still, I taught the students that turned up last week, and hope that we can resume a more or less normal semester next week.




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