hurricane forming in gulf, part II

Ah, yes, it’s happening all over again.  For those who are curious, we are still hunkered down in Houston, and leaving the roads open for the evacuees from Galveston etc.  We don’t expect to get on the road, but will probably get hit with the winds and the rain and the loss of power sometime between Friday and Saturday, according to the current predictions.  This year’s twist is that we have a brand-new puppy with us, who will help us stay brave.

Now I have to head out to pick up some batteries and an extra tank of propane . . . .



4 responses to “hurricane forming in gulf, part II

  1. Stay safe. We’re thinking of you. And your puppy.

  2. Thanks, Gena. DM

  3. Please stay safe, Dave! When it blows over, feel free to post a picture of the puppy so we know you’re OK.

  4. Hey Carrie,

    Things are very calm right now. We loaded up on batteries, water, etc. and we’re waiting for the storm to ride in sometime tonight. The feeling is tense because it looks like it will be a category 2 with 100 mph winds, but we’ll see how much of that we get inland. Galveston and esp. Freeport will likely get hammered, since we’re talking about the possibility of a 22 ft. wall of water hitting the coast.

    If I get a chance I’ll put up a post of Sadie, our new matinee idol around the house.