Another NYC C18 announcement!

I was glad to see many familiar faces at the NYU Writing Women symposium a few weeks ago. This upcoming May 9th, I’ll be hosting an event for the CUNY Graduate Center’s Eighteenth-Century Interdisciplinary Group and I hope to see you there.

Matt Williams, who recently defended his CUNY dissertation on eighteenth-century satire, will be giving a talk entitled “‘Subjects, Tales, Stories, and Characters of Invention, after the Manner of Lucian, who Copied from Varro’: Delarivier Manley, Menippean Satire, and the Rise of the Novel.”

We’ll gather at 2pm in the Eighteenth-Century Reading Room (C196.05) on the lower floor of the Mina Rees Library (365 Fifth Ave.), partake in refreshments, listen to Matt’s presentation, and enjoy plenty of discussion afterwards. Please email me at if you’d like to come, as I’ll need to give your name to the library security so they’ll be expecting you.

One response to “Another NYC C18 announcement!

  1. Dave Mazella

    Congratulations to Matt for wrapping it up and getting it done. The talk sounds fascinating, and gives me yet another reason to regret leaving NYC and getting a real job.

    One of these days we should have a forum on contemporary theories of satire. I think it would be interesting to see where people are now in relation to the “classic” satire criticism of the 60s and 70s.