The Magis Theater Co. presents “The Witlings,” NYC, May 16-June 1

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[This might be of interest to people in the NYC-area this summer–DM]

The New York Premiere of Frances Burney’s Comedy.  
Why has it taken 229 years for this comedy to open in New York? From its genesis, Frances Burney’s scathingly funny satire of the foibles of the “Enlightened” met with opposition and censorship from the status-quo, including her own father! Despite pleas from the artistic community for it to be produced, both Frances and her play were just too provoking. Those human quirks and blemishes so laughably exposed by “a sister of the Order” over two hundred years ago are just as dangerously ensconced in today’s society as they were in late 18th Century England. Magis actors join with director Gregor Paslawksy, master teacher of clown and melodrama to bring this neglected gem to light.

Don’t miss its long awaited New York premiere!
Opening May 16 and running until June 1 at the West End Theatre (86th Street and West End Avenue.)

Call 212 592 0127 for more information.  Or visit them at


For the Magis Theater Co. blog devoted to this production (with some nice costume research, incidentally), click here.  And for an interesting account of the company’s discussions with C18-L’s Betty Rizzo, see here


Thanks to Anna Battigelli for the notice.  And if you do make the trip to the Upper West Side, let us know what you think of the production.  Best, DM

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