Now this

just doesn’t happen very often: Verlyn Klinkenborg has written a piece for the New York Times that connects the eighteenth century with speculative fiction. See “When Doris Lessing Meets Lady Mary Wortley Montagu” (Dec. 8/07) for an interesting read about the ways in which we tend to position writers from the past, and how re-imagining them can offer new insights. The wry Montagu is particularly suitable for this somewhat whimsical treatment, while conversely being enough of a heavyweight to survive a comparison with Lessing.


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  1. Hi Miriam,

    I was interested in this, too, when I heard of it. I liked the line about our unexamined “belief that we live on a progressive timeline of steady advancement,” and how SF conventions target this kind of myopia about the limitations to our own perspective. Montagu does seem to have a “view from nowhere,” so why not place her in the future?