Daily Archives: November 24, 2007

Pop Quiz

How does this news story resemble this one?  Explain.

UPDATE and Bonus: try to find any mention of university administrators or “enrollments” in this article about excessive class sizes in higher education.  And try to find some supporting evidence for the suggestion that new technologies will solve this problem.

SECOND UPDATE.  Aha.  Here’s the homepage for one of the “sources” of this piece: Dr. Carol A. Twigg, who heads up the National Center for Academic Transformation, which seems to be a Pew-oriented non-profit arguing for a new surge of university investment into information technology and assessment.  The good news: they say that distance ed and large lecture courses don’t work and are” labor intensive.”  The bad news: they want universities to save money/teach more effectively by “redesigning” large volume intro courses to reflect their software/testing model, and relieve themselves of these “labor intensive” courses.  Hmmm.  Did the AP reporter just write up the press release?  And has anyone on this blog had any contact with this group?