Daily Archives: November 18, 2007

Short Takes. . . .

1.  In a recent interview, Derek Gordon, a VP at Technorati, observes that there are roughly 109.2 million blogs currently being maintained out in cyberspace right now, or roughly one blog for every 23 persons with internet access, or one blog for every 151 people alive on this planet, assuming the planet’s population to be around 6.6 billion.  Of course, according to Gordon, many active bloggers maintain more than one blog, and the “vast majority of blogs exist in a state of total or near-total obscurity.”  I don’t know what to think about this, but I do know that it’ll be an awfully long time before anyone responds to this post.

2.  The Community College Dean and Dr. Crazy have a civil and productive exchange about unbridled, out of control, positively unhinged faculty hatred: senior faculty hatred of students, junior faculty hatred of senior faculty, universal hatred of administrators.  What can I say?  Administrators win hands down.

3.  Profgrrrrl needs help organizing her notes, pdfs, etc.  It’s an interesting question, now that most of us routinely spend our days moving from one medium to another, without any single medium or repository to hold our thoughts.  It used to be xeroxes, or yellow pads, or manila folders, hanging files, and filing cabinets.  What is it now? 

4.  Two of the reasons why I haven’t posted so much lately: this and this.  I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving.



British Museum Searchable Art Database


Ooh, this is good.  Thanks to Mercurius Politicus for letting us know about this one.  I could spend hours goofing around with the database, but as usual, I just typed in “Diogenes” to see what came up, and found this nice mezzotint of “Diogenes looking for an HONEST MAN” from 1776.   Here’s the link to the BM: happy hunting.