NYC-area announcement!

Hello, all! NEASECS last weekend was a wonderful time, especially finally meeting Dave Mazella after over a year of knowing one another as co-bloggers online. We had a great conversation about academic blogging and the purposes it can serve our particular community, as well as its limitations. I had an exciting nine-hour train ride that Thursday, and again on Saturday, providing an excellent break from work here in New York and some beautiful vistas of the Vermont countryside in full fall splendor.

In other news, the Eighteenth-Century Interdisciplinary Group here at the City University Graduate Center will be hosting an exciting event this Friday at 2pm. Paula McDowell (Associate Professor of English at NYU) will be presenting a talk entitled “‘Gently drawn, and struggling less and less’: Media Shift and Agency in Pope’s Dunciad and McLuhan’s Pope.”

The talk and ensuing conversation will take place in the Graduate Center’s Mina Rees Library, in the Eighteenth-Century Reading Room on the concourse level, room C196.05. The Graduate Center is at 365 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. (Please email me at if you’d like to attend, so we can give your name to the library security staff.) We will enjoy refreshments and have a nice long chat afterward.

I hope to see you there!

2 responses to “NYC-area announcement!

  1. Hey, Carrie,

    Glad you got back safe and sound. Nice to know you had an exciting nine-hour train ride. I think a train would have taken less time for me than the plane, since I got fogged in at Manchester airport for an extra 24 hrs anyway. But the train always seemed easier traveling than the plane, at least when I was living in NYC.

    As I mentioned before, it was good finally meeting you and hearing about your work. I wish you the best in your teaching and research this term, which I know is already busy.

    And please keep us posted about this and the other CUNY talks, if there’s some interesting discussion. I’m curious about how “information” and “media” paradigms are infiltrating literary studies nowadays.



  2. Actually, the train ride was weirdly quiet and serene, except for a half-hour conversation about who in NYC is packing heat with a former heat-packer. Yes, everyone east of Times Square, for sure, but now I know which restaurants.