Humanities Research Network and the crisis in academic publishing

The Valve has just passed along an announcement from the Chronicle of Higher Ed (sorry, link’s not working) about the appearance of a Humanities Research Network modeled on the successful Social Science Research Network, with papers posted in PDF form for others to download and/or comment upon.  The new Humanities network will initally include papers in Philosophy, Classics, and English and American literature, broken down into sub-categories.  For detailed information, see the Valve post or click here.

Networks like these have the potential to minimize humanities scholars’ dependence upon a journal, research library, and academic press arrangement that has received steadily decreasing support over the past 20 years.  In response, our colleagues in the sciences have been turning to these networks because of the extortionate increases in the cost of journals in their disciplines; perhaps humanities scholars should follow their lead in setting up and supporting these networks.




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