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18th-Century Graduate Student Reading Group will take up Benjamin Franklin, beginning Oct. 15th

[h/t from Crystal Lake and the ECGSRG]

Here is Crystal Lake’s announcement for her group:


Discussion of Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography is set to begin on October 15th. Graduate students Teresa Coronado (University of Oregon), Ami Blue (Eastern Kentucky University), and Caroline Wigginton (UT-Austin) have all volunteered to contribute essays that will get the discussion started.

Franklin’s autobiography is available online through UVA’s e-text server here. It’s also available for purchase in various affordable editions from Amazon.

Our December discussion group will read Eliza Haywood’s Fantomina. I’m currently seeking volunteers to write short essays for that discussion. If you’d like to write an essay that will get people talking about Haywood, drop me a line at cblvf2@mizzou.edu by November 15th.


Sounds like loads of fun.  Maybe we can get George Will to read along.

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