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NEASECS ’07 announcement, Oct. 25-28

Here’s the announcement and link to the NEASECS conference, which includes a Long Eighteenth roundtable.  More details soon.–DM 

NEASECS 2007 Annual Meeting
October 25-28, 2007

“Transatlantic Destinies: Connections and Disconnections Across the Atlantic Seaboard in the Eighteenth Century”

The theme for the 2007 NEASECS Conference at Dartmouth College memorializes the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade. Transatlantic Destinies also acknowledges all aspects of the  transformation of the transatlantic social sphere, including the exchange of ideas, the resistance of European colonies to the motherlands, European exploration and native resistance and the increasingly unified circulation of culture and capital across the largest natural trade routes known up to this point.

However, as in all NEASECS conferences, there will be a wide range of papers and panels in all areas of eighteenth-century studies.


And here’s the program.