My new courseblog for Swift and Literary Studies

OK, here’s the link to my mock-up for the Intro to Lit Studies courseblog.  Any suggestions or comments?  Am I missing anything that might be helpful?  (This site will be open until the 20th of August, at which point it will be open only to the registered users (i.e. students)). 




4 responses to “My new courseblog for Swift and Literary Studies

  1. Well, to be brutally honest, I wouldn’t particularly recommend linking to that long c18th page of my website because it’s kind of, um, rubbish. As can be quickly spotted by comparing it with a keyword search for ‘eighteenth‘. The assorted results of that search are the main reason why I’ve never found that particular categorisation very helpful and rarely remember to use it (if I were more conscientious I’d remove it altogether).

  2. dave mazella

    Hmm, I see what you mean. “The Long 18th” is z period-category that makes a lot more sense for lit studies than the other disciplines it draws from. Thus, the incoherence of the results.

    This doesn’t bother me, particularly, but I can see why it would. Part of the students’ job will be to learn how to sort through things, after all.
    Their research assignments will be very closely focused on Swift and GT, and so my idea is to provide them with a mix of resources to choose from. I’ll see how they do, and what they use, and what comes of it. If it gets ignored, then out it goes.

    I happen to like the stuff on that page, though, even if it’s not particularly hierarchized, and there’s stuff there (or in there somewhere) that doesn’t appear in Jack Lynch or VoS, so I’m sticking with it. Short of putting together my own online guide, that seems like the best option.

    And, of course, the “Long Eighteenth” is a sub-branch of Tim Burke’s of “Everything Studies.”
    (, right?

    Best wishes,


  3. Kamille Stone Stanton

    I just think it looks great. It really does. So many important tools and links to tools are concentrated in the one place.

    I should add that I ESPECIALLY admire how quickly your information services people got out of the office to help you turn the idea into action.


  4. dave mazella

    Yeah, the college has gotten a lot better with its support, and the tech Jennifer did a great job. The odd thing is that we’ve had Web CT pushed on us for ages, but I never bothered because of the proprietary issues. But this seems to work OK. Let’s just hope that WordPress doesn’t go down at some crucial moment . . .