Daily Archives: August 7, 2007

Blogs and Teaching, c/o Serendipities

Kristine at Serendipities has started up an interesting thread about the uses of blogs in teaching.  She’s decided to introduce blogs into her new grad course on gender next fall.  Here’s the discussion, with some helpful suggestions from Sharon at EMN (http://www.earlymodernweb.org.uk/emn/), and the usual anxious questions from yours truly:


If I understand her correctly, Kristine is looking to set up multiple class blogs, so that every student is in effect running her own blog and visiting others’ blogs. 

And, as you’ll see from my portion of the thread, when I asked around at my own university about setting up something, the tech people suggested I try Edublogs, which is based on WordPress (which is what we use here at the Long 18th).

So I looked at the Edublog site, which was fun, but raised as many questions for me as it answered.  I admit that my eyes glaze over after the first few minutes of this kind of stuff (strangely enough, not how I react to Habermas’s prose).  But the range and variety of options is enough to make me want to stick to blackboard and chalk.  More soon . . .