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New eighteenth-century blog from the ASECS Graduate Students Caucus

[taken from C18-L]

I am pleased to announce that the ASECS Graduate Student Caucus is launching an online reading group blog where graduate students in eighteenth-century studies will lead regular online discussions of eighteenth-century works.


Mackenzie’s The Man of Feeling will be the first text featured on the blog, and discussion of The Man of Feeling  will begin on Monday, August 13th. Graduate students Sarah Cote (Cornell), Michael Gavin, (Rutgers), Shayda Hoover (UC-Irvine), Laura Miller (UCSB), and Zak Watson (University of Missouri) have all agreed to contribute short essays to the blog that are sure to get dialogue going, and everyone who visits the blog is invited to participate in the discussion via the comments section.


I hope listmembers will have a chance to stop by http://www.asecsgrad.blogspot.com the week of August 13th and join the online conversation. Additionally, if you are a graduate student on C18-L who isn’t signed up for the ASECS Grad Student Listserv, drop me a line at cblvf2@mizzou.edu – especially if you’re interested in being one of the main contributors for the reading group’s next text, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (discussion of which is set to begin October 15th).


Looking forward to seeing you on the blog!



Crystal B. Lake

ASECS Graduate Student Caucus Chair

University of Missouri-Columbia



This looks like it will be interesting.  DM