Lucas Cranach at the Courtauld: Bring the Kids!


But please, keep them away from the honeycombs.  See what happened to Cupid?

I was at the Courtauld last weekend, and saw the Cranach Adam and Eve exhibit, which also included some fine paintings and engravings from Durer.  This show has received plenty of good press, but I liked the Guardian’s review the best, for reasons that you will see.  (Jonathan Jones clearly has a thing for armpits, or maybe just, uh, female armpits).,,2113358,00.html

See what I mean?  Pant, pant, pant.  I do agree with Jones about one thing: for all the sleek, misogynist knowingness of Eve’s offering gesture, there is something baffled and helpless about Adam’s head-scratching, bewildered look.  It’s a brilliantly contrasted pair of expressions.  How could he know? asks Cranach, how could he have had any idea what he was getting into?  Can you really blame him?  etc. etc.  Take a look:


If you’re in London, see the show before it closes Sept. 23rd.


UPDATE: And here’s Peter Scheldjahl’s review of an upcoming Cranach exhibit from the New Yorker, courtesy of 3quarksdaily.

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