Gifts for lurkers, part 1

While I’ve been walking the sloshy streets of Souf Lundn, things have been pretty quiet around the Long 18th.  Here are some things I found while I was cranking up the radiators and hoping my clothes would dry out.  (Not counting yesterday, which was the most continuous sun I’ve seen for weeks.  Oh, and good luck to all you northern folks still trying to dry out.)

For wonky faculty senate and admin types, here’s a good piece on the divergent interests and purposes of assessments at the university:

What makes it even better are the comments, which includes this point about what happens to internal, improvement-driven assessments once they get picked up by outsiders with their own agendas:

Some assessments for improvement (us) do provide for inter-institutional comparison, which makes them attractive for accountability purposes. But that transformation can undermine their use or utility.

Well worth a look.



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