Theodor Adorno meets the Wiki

Apropos of Laura’s discussion of the Frankfurt School, I thought I’d share the following from Andrew Brown, the tech columnist at the Guardian:

In some ways, these Wikipedia statistics [about the short shrift given to the most important topics] are even more depressing than the General Social Survey poll data last week which revealed that 28% of American adults believe it is “definitely false” that humans evolved from other animals – and only 18% think it is “definitely true”. The latter is also the proportion of Americans who believe that the sun goes around the Earth. Before we get too smug as Europeans, the figures for the EU as a whole are even worse ( So here we have a society in which adults are just as likely to believe that the sun goes around the Earth as that evolution is true, which has also built an encyclopaedia based on the idea that the truth will emerge from cooperative debate. The problem is obvious. Is there a solution?,,2101810,00.html

The answer is obvious.  Read more Adorno.


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