Fashioning an 18th-c Gown

Luxx Mishou has generously agreed to share photographs of an eighteenth-century gown that she is constructing as part of our spring seminar at UMD, “Seduction and Sentiment.” Luxx is writing a seminar paper on the materiality of clothing in Haywood and Ricardson while simultaneously fashioning a period gown for herself, using patterns by J.P. Ryan ( Below are photographs of the cap and the pocket hoops that are worn under a gown; Luxx explains that the pocket hoops are made of linen, stuffed, weighted, and boned with reed boning (because, as she says, “whale boning is, of course, out of the question”). She also promises additional photographs, as pieces are completed–we’ll have, at the end, a photograph of the “layers” of clothing that constitute dress for an eighteenth-century woman. Thanks, Luxx!

Tita Chico

Pocket Hoops (1)

Pocket Hoops (2)

Pocket Hoops (3)

One response to “Fashioning an 18th-c Gown

  1. Thank you for posting these! I can’t wait to see the layers of development. Is it also possible to post an abstract of the final paper? The materiality of dress sounds like a fascinating topic, and I’d love to read more.