Upcoming Events on the Long Eighteenth

Things have been quiet lately, so I thought I’d let people know about upcoming events on the Long Eighteenth.

Apr. 9th–The UM 18c reading group will be discussing Sheridan’s School for Scandal in conjunction with Joseph Roach’s City of the Dead and Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities.  (See below, under Scandal, Print, Performance).  I’m hoping that some of that discussion will be shared with us here.

Apr. 18th (approximately)–Christopher Lamping and Sharlene Sayegh will participate in a mini-forum on the impact of E.P. Thompson on contemporary scholarship.  Our discussion will focus on the Preface to the Making of the English Working Class, and Thompson’s two-part review of Raymond Williams’ Long Revolution, from the New Left Review (1961).   If your institution does not subscribe to NLR, contact me offlist at dmazella@uh.edu and I can provide a .pdf.  If you’re interested, here’s the citation information:

The Long Revolution (Part II)
Edward Thompson, NLR I/10, July-August 1961, pp. 34-39

The Long Revolution (Part I)
Edward Thompson, NLR I/9, May-June 1961, pp. 24-33

Thanks to everyone for agreeing to participate.  We’re looking forward to these events.


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