Looking for a good one volume history of Restoration England, 1660-1700

Hi all,

A colleague of mine slightly out of field asked if I knew of a good general history of the Restoration (for present purposes, 1660-1700). I came up with very little. Blackwell has a series of books on England in the 1670s, England in 1690s, etc., but these are too specific, as are most books that I came up with in a search of our library catalogue.  Does anyone know of a good general history that covers the major event in one volume? I think he’s looking more for a political history than a social history. There are usually mini-histories attached to drama anthologies, but those are too general. Thanks for any ideas!

Laura Rosenthal

3 responses to “Looking for a good one volume history of Restoration England, 1660-1700

  1. Dave Mazella

    For accessible, narrative-style histories of political events, try:

    Mark Kishlansky, A Monarchy Transformed (Penguin, 1996)

    J.R. Jones, Country and Court: England, 1658-1714 (Harvard, 1978)

    W.A. Speck, Reluctant Revolutionaries: Englishmen and the Revolution of 1688 (Oxford, 1989)

  2. I absolutely second the Kishlasnksy.

  3. Sharlene Sayegh

    Might I recommend a survey text of all of Tudor-Stuart Britain? It has a solid section on the Restoration and as a survey focuses much attention on politics, with specific chapters on society and culture.

    Newton Key and Robert Bucholz, _Early Modern England, 1485-1714_ from Blackwell.

    I also agree with the Kishlansky recommendation as it provides the background to the Restoration–the accession of the Stuarts in the seventeenth century.