Daily Archives: January 14, 2007

Janet Todd’s _At the Sign of Angellica_

Dear All,

I thought by way of saying hello for the first time I’d say that on my small women writers list we are reading Janet Todd’s _At the Sign of Angellica_ and how much it holds up even years later. Today I wrote a summary of the Introduction and Chapter 1 (probably not appropriate here):  it impressed me with all its insights, informative and prescience.  Much said to be new recently can be found in Todd’s book, such as an explanation for why in the 17th century most of the more radical women writers were Tories.

I did write a blog on Women in the Long Eighteenth Century at the MLA. It’s a summary and report on four sessions I attended.  My blog is linked on the side and if you click there and go there, you should find it under the above title. (I’ve written another since, on film adaptations of Austen’s novels.)

It’s good to be here among you.