The new home of The Long Eighteenth

The Long Eighteenth has been moved from here to here. Please update your bookmarks, links, and feeds!

9 responses to “The new home of The Long Eighteenth

  1. Hi, everyone. So glad you’re here. Be sure to email me and let me know you’ve created a WordPress username so I can add you to our contributors.

    When you post (and, of course, feel free to post at will as usual), please notice the “Categories” tags to the right of the editing window. Just click on the categories that pertain to your post, or create new ones, and unclick “Uncategorized.” This way, visitors can easily find our interesting thoughts on teaching or on the profession, or whatever. If you have an idea for one of the sticky pages (like “About” or “Collaborative Readings,” like, maybe “Future C18 Events”?) let me know or stick it up and let’s see how we like it.

    Don’t hesitate to email me if you’re having any problems with the new system. What I like best about it is that you can edit comments and check on the stats yourself, so I don’t seem so Man-Behind-the-Curtainish.

  2. Thank you Carrie, for the great job you’re doing with the blog and keeping all of us posted with the changes. . I hope I did the necessary to be on the list. Not sure of it though. I like the different categories. Thank you for having Gallica on the blogroll list and making sure that the long18th blog also looks beyond the English literature, history and culture.

  3. Hi Rudy — You’ve been added, so it should work now.

    I know the English lit people have been taking over, especially recently with the Parker reading, but I do hope that people in other fields feel free to propose a collaborative reading, invite scholars to join us, and post at will. There is always blog enough and time.

  4. You may have to sign a by-line on each of your posts, everyone. This blog doesn’t give us those automatically.

  5. Everything looks great over here, nice and spacious, Carrie.

    Hey, is that a tiny Carrie Shanafelt icon next to your post?

    Best wishes,


  6. That is a tiny Carrie Shanafelt! Back a long time ago, I think Miriam suggested we all put up pictures and introduce ourselves, and I happened to have one lying around.

    I just heard from Blanford; he’s been quite ill, but looks forward very much to responding, as he says, “in detail to every respondent and significant idea posted on the blog (which I have studied closely)” when he returns from visiting family on Jan. 5th. He hopes he hasn’t ruined the spirit of the blog-and-response, but I told him that I think we were all secretly grateful for a little break and looking forward to starting afresh in the new year.

  7. Well, I have nothing like that around, but maybe I’ll hunt for something to use. The nearest visual equivalent I can think of is the aging hipster Dad from the Disney toon Stanley. I hear that Disney’s real easy-going about permissions . . .

    On a serious note, I’m sorry to hear that Blanford has not been well, and hope that he gets better. Please convey our best wishes, and we’ll resume in January.


  8. Will do, Dave. I know Blanford’s been following the conversation with great interest. What possessed me to start a group reading at the end of a semester? I cannot know. When I’m not wasting time futzing with blog guts, I’m just resting up for MLA.

    Anyone else want to meet up with Jen and I there?

  9. I bought CSS editing for us, so anyone who knows what they’re doing should feel free. If you don’t know what you’re doing, I’d recommend not touching it, as it’s actually rather difficult. I’m considering at least taking some of the brilliance out of that link blue, which hurts my mole-eyes.

    Also, I’m trying to set up a randomizer for the banner pictures. So far, I have a sliver available from each of the following:

    Brown’s Garrick between the Muses of Comedy and Tragedy
    Abildgaard’s Philoctetes (annoyingly, in b&w)
    Barry’s 1774 version of Lear weeping over the body of Cordelia
    Rowlandson’s Vauxhall
    Hogarth’s Harlot’s Progress

    If anyone has a favorite long-18th painting or illustration they’d like to see up here, I’d be happy to do it, given the following:
    1) It must have a long, thin slice that can be cut from it (1:5.5 ratio).
    2) The picture file must be high enough quality that I don’t have to enlarge it (much) to cut 770px out of it in one direction.