Job-letters and the job season this year?

Since I spent the weekend getting out my last few letters, I’m assuming that some of you are also in the process of writing job letters, or are getting ready for the first wave of mail-outs, to coincide with the Nov. 1 deadlines.

Do those writing, or those having letters written, have any advice or experiences they’d be willing to share with the rest of us? Any good guides for those negotiating the job market? Please consider sharing whatever you think would help those on the market this year.

If for some reason you’re concerned about preserving your anonymity, feel free to email your titbit to me at and I’ll be happy post on your behalf, with identities concealed.

Better yet, just use any pseudonym you wish in the “name” section in the Comments (how about “Doranthus”? or better yet, “Laboranda”?) along with a valid email address, and you’ll be fine.

In any case, good luck to everyone going on the market, or contemplating the market, this year.

Best wishes,


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