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Teaching the Long Eighteenth: Undergrad Research?

Like the guy in the joke who wakes up to find his underwear lined with $100 bills, I woke up this morning and realized that I had some student papers to attend to. I just got a batch of grad response essays on Richardson, Haywood, or Davys, and I’ve had a batch of annotated Swift bibliographies that are demanding immediate attention. It seems that all this happened while I was, uh, reading Michael McKeon’s posts and responding to them. So now it’s time to hunker down and do some grading.

But just in case others would like to procastinate with me, and want to help me postpone my date with the grading-pile just a little longer, I’d like to see how others’ classes are going, and I’m particularly interested in what kinds of expectations we bring to undergrad research in our sophomore, junior, and senior courses. What kinds of research can we demand of students still struggling to master their writing, or their research skills, or the standard texts in our period? What distinguishes a really good student project from a mediocre one? How do you encourage your worthy but dull students to develop more interesting projects?



Research Fellowships at the Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University

[x-posted from Kevin Berland C18-L]

The Lewis Walpole Library will reopen its doors to readers in summer
2007 after eighteen months of extensive building renovation. The new
spaces will include a splendid reading room, state-of-the-art collection
storage, and new staff and conservation workspace. The Library’s
fellowship programs will resume then as well, and applications are
invited for the 2007-2008 year (July through June).

The Library, a department of the Yale University Library located in
Farmington, Connecticut, forty miles from New Haven, has significant
holdings of eighteenth-century prints, drawings, manuscripts, books, and
paintings. Fellows in residence also have access to additional
materials at Yale, including those at the Beinecke Rare Book and
Manuscript Library and the Yale Center for British Art.

The Library offers visiting fellowships, normally for four weeks, as
well as travel grants of lesser duration, to scholars engaged in
post-doctoral or equivalent research and to doctoral candidates at the
dissertation stage. In a typical year the Library awards up to a dozen
fellowships and travel grants.

The visiting fellowships, which include the cost of travel to and from
Farmington, provide a stipend of $1,800 per month in addition to
accommodation in an eighteenth-century house on site. The travel
grants, which vary in duration and amount, also include accommodation.
Additional information about the library, its collections, facilities,
and programs, may be found at http://www.library.yale.edu/walpole/.

To apply for a fellowship or travel grant, candidates should send a
curriculum vitae, including educational background, professional
experience and publications, and a brief outline of the research
proposal (not to exceed three pages) to: The Librarian, The Lewis
Walpole Library, 154 Main Street, Farmington, CT 06032, USA. FAX (860)
677-6369. Two confidential letters of recommendation are also required
by the application deadline, which is January 12, 2007. Awards will be
announced in March.

Additional information may be obtained by email: walpole@yale.edu.