Dictionary of Sensibility

Picking up on Carrie Shanafelt’s remark about the term “sentiment”–and all its weight and baggage in the period–I was reminded of the marvellous online resource, “The Dictionary of Sensibility” by Corey Brady, Virginia Cope, Michael Millner, Ana Mitric, Kent Puckett and Danny Siegel.

There are 24 terms listed on the site, and each term is linked to primary and secondary resources. As the authors explain:

“This hypertext offers a new approach to understanding the language of sensibility, one that accounts for the multiple possibilities of meaning. Rather than attempting hard-line definitions, this project offers the tools for recognizing the multivalent connotations of such sensibilious words as ‘virtue,’ ‘sense,’ and ‘benevolence.’ Our hypertext groups excerpts from major words of sensibility according to 24 primary words; we imagine the sensibilious reader exploring these passages to glean a new understanding of the vocabulary and the literature of the period.”

Here’s the link:

The Dictionary could be an intriguing model for class projects and humanities computing projects as well.

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