Where to?

I’m curious about the conferences people are planning to attend this year, either in terms of presentations or panels chaired. At least some of the ASECS decisions must have been made by now, and I’ve seen some CFPs for SCSECS and NEASECS. (Is it my imagination, or isn’t there a lot more last-minute scrambling for ASECS presenters than previous years?)

I just received the SCSECS CFP, in fact, from Laura Stevens at U. Tulsa, and I read there that Eugenia Zuroski, at U. Arkansas, who posted here a while ago, is chairing a panel on “Importing and Exporting National Identity.” Lots of other good stuff, including presentations from Carla Mulford and Susan Staves. For more info, it’s best to contact Laura at laura-stevens@utulsa.edu before Oct. 15.

So where are you going? What are you presenting on?


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