Back in the Saddle Again–Here in Houston

After all the strenuous mental exercise demanded by Berlin, Hegel, Popper, and of course (who could neglect him?) Michel Foucault, I’m opening up a new thread to honor the fact that I will be teaching my two courses, back to back, between 1 and 5:30 pm tomorrow. The first is my Swift and Literary Studies course, part of our gateway to the major, and the second is my grad seminar on 18c novelists through Austen.

Great courses, but a really crappy schedule. Apparently, I was not paying attention when these times were assigned. Serves me right.

So those of you who are returning to classrooms tomorrow, and who have anecdotes or simply raw emotions that you’d like to share, blog away. If I’m not feeling too fragile, I might have a story or two as well.

Best wishes,


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